Happy Halloween (Jack 'O Lantern Sculpture)

A big "thank you" goes out to everyone who came out to see my large balloon sculpture at the Atlanta Home Show October 4th through 6th. For those of you who missed it, here is a photo of the 14 foot-tall balloon Jack 'O Lantern:

Like previous home shows, we had a "Guess the Balloons" contest, where contestants tried to guess the number of balloons in the balloon sculpture. On Friday, the sculpture had 3,576 balloons in it. The closest guess on Friday was a tie between Marvin and Gerold; who both guessed 3,500. I marked all the Friday guesses with "FRI" so I would know what day they came in.

Saturday morning, I added more balloons to the sculpture, so Saturday and Sunday the sculpture had 3,902 balloons in it. Valerie was our closest guesser for those two days. She guessed 3,900: OFF BY TWO! Sorry, Marvin and Gerold: she got you this time! 

Valerie wins a free one-hour party from Party 'til you POP! Don't worry Valerie, I sent you a separate e-mail already with details.

You guys are getting to be such good guessers! I had an entire stack of guesses within 100 balloons of the total. While this was not my largest Atlanta Home Show sculpture by size, this one had most number of balloons in it.