Family Fun Night Cross Promotion With Party 'til you POP! LLC

Are you looking for a way to promote your Roswell Restaurant? Consider a one-time cross promotional event with balloon art provided absolutely free! Here's how it works:

  • Together, we pick a date at least 3 weeks into the future where I have availability and you anticipate families will be attending your restaurant. "High value" dates like holidays may not be available.
  • I put a sign in your restaurant advertising my upcoming appearance at your restaurant. I will provide the sign.
  • You provide a "kids eat free" or "free dessert" offer to entice attendance. Other promotional items (cornhole, raffles, prizes, craft tables, etc) are recommended.
  • We both promote the event on social media and email campaigns.
  • On the day of the event I will provide up to 3 hours of balloon entertainment at no charge.

I don't decline tips, but I also won't solicit them in any way. In most cases, restaurants provide me with a meal for my family at a later date. Please keep in mind that this is a one-time promotion available only to Roswell, GA restaurants. For ongoing restaurant promotion, I offer:

Weekly Restaurant Promotion

I can help you turn a slow night into a busy night by converting your "occasional" restaurant guests into "regulars" who don't want to miss a single week!

"Paul truly is an entertainer and an extremely talented balloon artist...Paul created a loyal group of guests which only continued to grow week after week...Paul is one of the most reliable and dependable individuals I've ever done business with." - Mitch Uehling - Franchisee, CiCi's Pizza Store #726 

"Our business on Fridays has greatly increased since Paul has been entertaining." - Tara Wood - Manager, IHOP #483 

Are you a restaurant manager looking for a way to increase return visits from your customers? Do you want a way to turn occasional customers into regulars? Consider having a weekly kid's night with Party 'til you POP! LLC.

I understand how to generate return visits to your restaurants. Why settle for a children's entertainer whose only goal is to extract all the cash he can from your customers when you can have a children's entertainer who is your partner in increasing attendance every week on kid's night? During my sixteen years experience in restaurants I have developed many effective techniques to 'lock in' your customers to regular weekly visits. I have built up the 'kid's night' attendance in several local restaurants and can do the same for your establishment.

I do not solicit tips from your customers, since in my view, the restaurant is my client and my job is to improve your attendance.

Consistency is the key with restaurant 'kid's nights'. If a parent is in doubt if the entertainment will show up, then the parent is less likely to risk disappointing an expectant child. Really effective 'kids nights' are on the same night of the week every week, and are every week.