Keep Smiling!

I want to take a moment to thank you, my customers. When I relocated to the Atlanta area less than 3 years ago, it was a real "leap of faith" that I would be able to reboot my balloon business here. I couldn't have imagined things would have come this far, this quickly. This is due almost exclusively to your referrals. It is a simple fact that your referrals have kept me in business.

I met most of you at one of my events, balloon sculpture contests, or restaurant appearances; it is exciting to be in a business were I have personally met almost all of you - or the person who sent you my way!

Please keep it up! If you know of anyone who enjoys balloon art and would like to get my newsletter, please encourage them to join up on my contact page. I get strange new balloon requests all the time and I can't wait to share photos of the craziest ones with you!

Until next time, keep smiling!